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Designed for optimal support and stability, Evoke Pro A300 Posture Device features: 
- Adjustable Velcro that allows you to adjust the corrective force
- Wider neoprene straps on the back
- Protective hemming for extra durability
- Flexible padded straps that don’t hinder movement
- Superior breathable fabric to prevent heating


- BETTER SUPPORT with 3 Levels of Rigidity given by ultralight aluminum  alloy support bars, plastic (PVC) support bars for less rigidity or no bars
- BETTER FIT with CoreGear Rotary Module, that ensures even tightness on both sides of the full back brace, easy to adjust up and down to fit most 
- BETTER FLEXIBILITY given by the durable fish ribbon elastic straps
- BETTER GRIP with the strong Hook and Loop Adjustable System & the
silicone anti-skid that keeps the shoulder posture brace in place
- BETTER FEELING from odorless, breathable, skin-friendly fabric, soft
padded shoulder straps & the detachable armpit pads


Live life more actively

You want to RELIEVE the lower back or scoliosis pain, ENJOY again your favorite sports and working out without discomfort or just AVOID sciatica and kyphosis from seating in an office all day. We designed the MOST EFFICIENT back support belt for your unique needs. Imagine your daily MOOD & CONFIDENCE without the nagging pressure on your joints, lumbar back and herniated disc – Yes, you will feel MORE RELAXED and be more productive. – FEEL THE DIFFERENCE YOURSELF!

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