How’s your posture looking these days?

Slouching in your seat

Sitting feeds into slouching and being sedentary with poor posture can erode the body's architecture. Slouching can give you serious headaches, cause major muscle tension in your neck, and leave you feeling utterly miserable.

Hunching over the computer

When we spend so much of our lives in a seated position, we begin to take on a hunched-over shape. Over time, the muscles that are supposed to hold us upright become weak and lose the ability to provide support as they were designed to.

Neck and back pain

Slouching and hunching with your shoulders and upper back rounded forward can lead to aches and pains in your back, neck and shoulders. “Headaches and tension in the shoulders and back are often created by chronic bad posture,” says Peggy W. Brill, a physical therapist based in New York City

Train your postural muscles and fix your spine naturally

In order to deliver superior product quality, we have manufactured our back Posture Corrector using only the best materials available. Some of the main benefits of this posture brace are:

- BETTER SUPPORT with 3 Levels of Rigidity given by ultralight aluminum alloy support bars, plastic (PVC) support bars for less rigidity or no bars

- BETTER FIT with the Core-Gear Rotary Module, that ensures even tightness on both sides of the full back brace, easy to adjust up and down to fit most body sizes

- BETTER FLEXIBILITY given by the durable fish ribbon elastic straps

- BETTER GRIP with the strong Hook and Loop Adjustable System & the silicone anti-skid that keeps the shoulder posture brace in place

- BETTER FEELING from odorless, breathable, skin-friendly fabric, soft padded shoulder straps & the detachable armpit pads

Highly Breathable Mesh

Aluminium Support Bars

CoreGear Rotary System

Anti Slip Strip Bands

Providing relief using state of the art technology

Forget about your bad posture and start enjoying a better life using our new improved posture corrector. Start working on your posture today !

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